Ruby Plugin Update, Version, etc


I"m an Idea 11.1.3 user.  In the Settings / Plugin window I'm showing a Ruby plugin version of, with the download (Update) icon disabled.  If the build number portion is a date (it sure looks like one), that seems a bit out of date, but I don't seem to be able to download it.

So my questions...

How do I update this, if indeed it's out of date?

Do the plugin versions more or less track the RubyMine versions?  I noticed on the FAQ page that you mention you're relasing them concurrently, or trying to, within the limits imposed by IntellJ dependencies.

I saw mention of allowing automatic updates, but "Help / Check for Updates" didn't given any joy other than reporting my Idea build # (IU-117.798).

If this is a question of needing a RubyMine license to get all the latest and greatest, could you quote me a price for an Idea license owner?

One final thing in case you're having a bad day otherwise -- I think your product is awesome and I owe you a favorable review.  Oh wait, that's not a question...



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