Modifying display of related files

Sometimes when you enable certain features in WebStorm, the IDE will combine related files together in a tree structure. For example, if I turn on TypeScript compiler, it will automatically generate .js and .map files for each of my .ts files. The IDE combines these three files together in the Project window into a tree structure like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 11.13.41 AM.png

So you only see the app.ts by default and if you want to see app.js or you click the little arrow next to app.ts and it shows them to you. This is very hepful for visually uncluttering your file display. The problem is that WebStorm only does this when you turn on certain features like the TypeScript compiler or the SASS compiler.

I don't want to use those features, but I still want WebStorm to group the files together for me. I know it doeesn't suport doing that out of the box so I thought I'd write a plugin. I know nothing about WebStorm plugs so I thought I'd ask about the feasibility of this before embarking on it. How likely is it I'll be able to write a plugin that will group files together the way I want?

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