Git push with TeamCity Integration


we are using IntelliJ Ultimate 11 with the TeamCity Integration. Since our TeamCity has not been updated for a while we are stuck with build 15925 of the plugin.

At previous assignments we have used Subversion and then it worked great to do a Remote run and if succesful changes were commited to version control.

Now we use Git and when i choose Remote run there is a text in the dialogue that says:

"Note: pre-tested commit is not available for distributed version controls."

Why is that? Is our TeamCity plugin too old for this our is it not implemented in never versions either?

It works fine to select VCS>Git>Push... so the functionality is there in IntelliJ but as it seems is not available via Remote run?

I know I can right-click on the "build" under My changes anc commit it but why isn't it possible to have it commited and pushed automatically?



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