Bundled XSLT Debugger plugin in IDEA 11: JDK 1.6 only?

I just downloaded IDEA 11, and my overall impression is very positive. I initially was pleased to hear that the XSLT Debugger plugin comes now bundled with IDEA. This plugin is vital for my current work.

Now there's one severe problem for me: The bundled XSLT Debugger plugin does only work on a 1.6 JDK. When I try to use it with the 1.5 JDK I develop for, I get an UnsupportedClassVersionError on org/intellij/plugins/xsltDebugger/rt/XSLTDebuggerMain. However, using a 1.6 JDK isn't an option.

Is it somehow possible to run this new plugin version on a JDK 1.5, or do I have to stay with IDEA 10?



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