Idea 9.0.4 Git integration not working

I'm using Intellij Idea 9.0.4 on a Mac. I'm having trouble getting the Git Integration plugin to work at all.

So far I have done the following:
1. Cloned a new repro from github by selecting "Check out from version control"  --This worked fine.
2. Go to File => Other Settings => Configure plugins  --The git plugin is enabled and I disabled all others.
3. Go to File => Settings => Version Control =>VCSs => Git  --My git executable tests fine and I'm using the native SSH executable.

When I try to use command-t or command-k nothing happens. All the files that I edit are red, indicating that they are not being tracked.

Am I missing something? It seems other people have it working just by enabling the plugin.

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You have to add files to Git before committing them.

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I got it to work. I just didn't have my directories configured correctly in the VCS section of the preferences.


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