[ANN] Batch Scripts Support 1.0.1


Uploaded next version into repository. This plugin enables Windows Batch Script support in IDEA (CMD, BAT syntax).


  • Improvements in Label handling

  • Support for ':' label then comment syntax

  • Support for inlined variable expression (variables in strings and expressions)

  • Support for Alpha variables and FOR variables

  • Different highlight for Label and Label reference

  • Support for goto syntax with leading ':' in label

  • Bug fixes

Plugin is available via Plugin Manager since 5231 build.

Enjoy, have a nice weekend!

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This no workie on idea 9.0.4. Don't know if it every did work. I've seen there is a newer version available, but can't download it from idea.

This is quite discouraging. I use notepad++ to edit bat files. Sure I could do it in idea, but the comand color coding is helpful.

I can't believe jetbrains hasn't included support for bat files out of the box. I also can't believe my company (a very big one) pays for this thing when some many better tools are available for free.


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Wouldn't you know I'd get it working as soon as I vent a little. Anyway, here's what I did to get it working:

  1. Downloaded the 1.0.3 version and put the idea-batch.jar in the idea\lib folder.
  2. Started idea, opened settings and plugins.
  3. Enabled Batch Scripts Support plugin (which was already in the installed list).
  4. Restarted idea.

I may have even restarted a couple of times. Not sure. Anyway, it's working now. I'm seeing color coding when I edit a .bat file.


Download 1.0.3: http://code.google.com/p/idea-batch/downloads/list


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