Grails plugins not recognized in grails view

I have an issue with the plugins in my grails project when imported to IntelliJ.

I've imported a grails project that has several grails plugins installed but they are missing from the Plugins section. For other projects I can see them but for this one they are not there.
The difference is that the grails app is not using the default place on the filesystem to store the plugins but in the project target.

When I've tryed to add a new plugin I get the message:

Resolving dependencies...
Dependencies resolved in 2343ms.
Running script D:\SDK\grails-1.3.7\scripts\InstallPlugin.groovy
Environment set to development
Resolving plugin webtest. Please wait...

There is a new folder created in .grails/plugins but nothing more.
So I cannot add the plugins manually from the IDE.

I am able to run and test the app so the plugins are there and are accessible, but I cannot see the plugins installed from the IDE and their classes are not visible from the app in the IDE so all of them are red. For example I am using webtest grails plugin. The tests run and pass but when I open them in IntelliJ  it complains with "Cannot resolve symbol "WebTest""

I am using IntelliJ 10.0.2 with Grails 1.3.7. This is part of the IntelliJ evaluation so I want to check if I can replace STS with IntelliJ for this grails project.


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