Problems connecting to TFS server

We recently switched over to our TFS server in our other data center.  Since then I have not been able to connect to the TFS server from IDEA.  Eclipse and Visual Studio are still connecting correctly, which leads me to believe there is a bug in the TFS plugin.  I am currently working with IDEA 8.1.4 build #9952.

I have seen other threads on this issue, but they haven't been active for sometime.  However, I'm hoping that in the meantime that you all have created a patch to fix the issue

FYI, my company is currently thinking about purchasing IDEA licenses for the java developers (I am currently the only user), so fixing this issue is crucial to their decision, and I will be very sad if I have to give up IDEA and use Eclipse

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Hello aderington,

To my regret we didn't get to the solution yet, everyone who successfully connected to the server did it once he removed the Windows update at the server side.

Since we're unable to reproduce customer's network environment, we have to look at connection log at least, but up to date no one is willing to provide it. If you are please follow the steps at, but specify httpclient.wire instead of  httpclient.wire.content.


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This appears to be resolved with our upgrade to TFS 2010 and IDEA 10 (hopefully I will get a real license to IDEA 10 soon).


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