[Ann] BashSupport 0.9.19

A new update of BashSupport for IDEA 10 is available at http://plugins.jetbrains.net/plugin/?idea&id=4230 .

Feedback is appreciated.

The changes:

  • Documentation lookup for variable definitions, the comment before the definition is displayed, if available
  • Variable completion from included files
  • Autocompletion inside of ${}
  • Globals and built-ins are now offered after second completion call, if enabled
  • Support for include files and contained elements (find references, rename, go to defintion, ...)
  • Issue #32: Length-function not supported: Expected a command
  • Issue #34: Unresolved variable in string definition
  • Issue #35: Math calculations using square brackets not supported
  • Issue #36: Incorrect inspection of unused parameter when using $* inside function

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