gief plugins?

Hello all,

The IntelliJ plugin scene seems hard to follow these days with a large number of plugins but many not updated for a loong time now.. So a couple of questions on finding certain plugins

-SLOC counting: Is there some working version of a metric calculation plugin for the latest version (9.x)? MetricsReloaded used to give what I need but does not really work these days. Sixthandredriver generally seemed to go for a bunch of nice plugins but I guess that was not a really viable business model.. Just simple SLOC counting would be enough for me for now. Of course more is always plus but for now that would be enough. The standalone sloccount from David Wheeler would even do the job for me but that fails to compile on my cygwin.. I would expect modern IDE's like IntelliJ with their advanced code analysis support and open API to make it easy, maybe even include this themselves. Is it somewhere to be found?

-Analysis of runtime execution trace. Is there anything that lets me capture a trace of what was the actual execution trace and how it all went? Static analysis provided by IntelliJ is all nice and shiny but sometimes not so nice for debugging etc. For example, I am developing some OSGI stuff and the platform makes heavy use of interfaces to define services.. Now it would be nice to see the actual interactions over the executions. Is there anything that does this? Something cool would be a checkbox in the toolbar to enable tracing, another button to open a dialog to view execution trace as concrete methods executed in the latest run, each line as a hyperlink to source code (parameter values shown).. Anything like this in the plugin box? I know some stuff like concurrency is extra hard to access and trace per thread etc. but I think some profilers do it so wishful thinking eh.. Any such plugins out there?


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