[ANN] Database Navigator 3.0.1768 released

A new version of the Database Navigator plugin is available (3.0.1768)


New features:

- object filters (which objects to be displayed in the database browser can be now configured in "Database Browser" settings)

- multiple tabs for database object browsers - each connection can be now displayed in a different tab. Particularly useful when having more than one connection.

- identifier highlighting - identifiers under cursor are highlighted along with all the related identifiers (Editor settings > Highlight usages of element at caret)

- database connection properties - http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/DBN-30

Plugin builds are available for IntelliJ 8.1 as well as for 9.0 (IU and CE), for both JRE5 and 6. See plugin repository page for more details.

Please feel free to report any issues in the dedicated request tracker:


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