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Here you go:
CppTools plugin version 0.7 build 1
Change notes:

  • IDEA 9 (Maia) / Community Edition support.
  • Override / implement methods action for IDEA 7/8/9.
  • Quick navigate info (aka Control + mouse hover) for IDEA  7/8/9.
  • Report problem with instantiation of abstract classes.
  • Quick fixes: static_cast / dynamic_cast when type cast  error detected.
  • Bugfixes.
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good work!

one very annoing bug is still there

std::string s;

s + "blabla" - good code
"blabla" + str - wrongly underlined red as error

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new annoying behavior
on project loading this cpp plugin now show message that path to MSVS is invalid
i don't have MSVS. what should i do?

it would be good to not show this message if path to MSVS is empty in plugin options

It would be ggggrrrreeeaaattt if you make this plugin opensource

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Your project is configured to use MSVC compiler (default on Windows), by this reason you get invalid msvc path message. You can specify gcc compiler and set gcc path accordingly.

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it was set to AUTO
anyway, changing to gcc doesn't help me -> now the same message box tells me about wrong path to gcc
I don't have gcc
I don't have any C++ compiler

that's why I use this plugin with IDEA and not i.e. Eclipse
Eclipse doesn't underline errors without compiler and this plugin does

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We need compiler settings in order to have location of standard libraries / dialects and we hardly imagine you can avoid using them
As workaround you can create some temp directory and create gcc file there.
In future we will avoid reporting compiler problems that often

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I have all standard includes in some directory.
All pathes are configured in cpp plugin options
Next I save all default defines from my compiler (like _WIN32_) to some .h file and this file is also specified in plugin options.
In Eclipse you can't cpecify such file, but you can add all defines one by one in gui (or in .cproject xml-file)
and it also works fine, ctrl+click opens declaration


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