[ANN] hg4idea 0.5 released

Version 0.5 of hg4idea was unleashed.
Now people using branches with mercurial should not need to step outside IDEA

From changelog:
* Switch working directory to branch, tag, revision
* Integrate with branch, tag, revision
* Create Tag
* Show current branch in status bar
+ Some usability and functionality fixes


Thanks to Gary Evesson for his input

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At work, the VCS we use on my current project is Mercurial and I'm a pretty hard-core IDEA user (IDEA-9). Is there a wiki or website that shows how to use hg4idea - at least the simple use-cases such as

  • adding files  
  • deleting files  
  • updating files
  • merging and dealing with merge conflicts
  • dealing with HEAD issues
  • creating a new branch

I have been mainly used to SCM systems such as CVS, Subversion and ClearCase (unfortunately). I believe that the learning curve with Mercurial is a bit steep since it's a distributed SCM and there is a bit of a paradigm shift involved. I'm just interested in learning how to use hg4idea if it makes my life easier compared to hg (command line interface under Linux).

Thanks very much.


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