[ANN] iTest 1.0.0 released: Tset tlkas

iTest 1.0.0 is released at : http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?idea&id=4606

Need IntelliJ IDEA since build 81.9313.

The target of iTest is trying to build a development environment that your JUnit tests could talk to you directly in editor.

Here is iTest features summary:

  • iTest Tool Window icon shows status of tests
  • Effective reports in editor, no need to switch between windows or leave hands from keyboard anymore
  • Quick fixes for assertion failure.
  • Run test you need feedback first.
  • Easy to organize your tests run in iTest by class name pattern filter and test exclusion.

Our website has more details of how iTest works for you : http://itest.heroku.com/
And here is a screencast shows how iTest works: http://itest.heroku.com/home/screencast

Any feedback / trouble shoorting / bug / feature requests, please send email to our user group: http://groups.google.com/group/intellij-itest

Enjoy it


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The iTest plugin Demo actually got me excited about writing tests again, and I will gladly pay $19.
I hope this can replace IntelliJ's testing plugin entirely, though I realize that isn't it's focus !!!

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Hi Rob,

Thanks for the feedback.

We're trying to build better environment for developer to write test.
If it is needed for developer to get some same features in iTest with IntelliJ's test plugin, we may do it.
It's matters that developers could be more pleasure to work with test, but we don't think we have to replace the IntelliJ's test plugin and it's also out of our control


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