Scala plugin unable to find sbt-launcher.jar


I'm trying to learn how intellij plugins work by extending the scala plugin. I've pulled the latest version of the plugin from github and manage to compile it and create a run configuration that runs it. However, I'm having some trouble creating a new SBT project in the version of intellij executed by running my run configuration.

Here is my run configuration:

Main class: com.intellij.idea.Main
VM Options: -Xmx800m -XX:ReservedCodeCacheSize=64m -XX:MaxPermSize=250m -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -ea
Working directory: /Users/xxx/Workspace/intellij-scala
Use classpath of module: scalaCommunity

Creating a new SBT project works fine but I keep getting this error after the project loads: Error:SBT launcher does not exist: /Users/xxx/Workspace/intellij-scala/out/launcher/sbt-launch.jar

I've had a look around and sbt-launcher.jar is in another directory in the out folder, its under out/plugin/Scala/launcher. How can I add that directory to the classpath in intellij an how do I make sure that it exists in the classpath when I come to creating the plugin jar for deployment?

I hope this question makes sense.


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Hi! Try using one of predefined run configurations. They might be removed after importing Scala plugin project into IDEA, so you need to do `git checkout .idea` after importing in order for predefined run configurations to appear in IDEA.


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