Using GIT-SVN with git4idea

Does anyone know if its possible to use git-svn from the Idea Git plugin?  Ideally, all that needs to be done (either through end-user customization or a plugin update) is make the "git svn rebase" and "git svn dcommit" commands available.  Is it possible to manually configure new git commands at all?

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This is nor really an answer but rather an addition to the question...
From my perspective, there needs to be more than just git svn rebase and dcommit support.
the suvversion integration with IDEA support comparing my file to the remote repository as well. I use it frequently. There is also just browsing the remote repository. To be full, you really need those things.

Having said this, I do agree that the most urgent (and what sends me back to the command line) is the two commands you mention. But this is not really a big deal, since I could simply create run configurations to issue those commands... It's the replication of dealing with the remote SVN repo that are not so trivial to work around.

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I thought I'd revive this topic now that IDEA's Git support seems to getting a lot of attention.

As a stepping stone into the world of git A LOT of folk are using git-svn and it'd be very nice to see this supported from the git plugin.

Initial basic support would just swap out the 'push' option for a 'git svn dcommit' option and update/pull for a 'git svn rebase'.

I've not look closely at it yet, but is the git plugin using jgit or is it still shelling out to a command line git executable?  ( The output looks like a command line, but could just be the way logging/output is done for tool integration).


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I'd be interested in this, also.

Right now, I'm using both git and svn for a project and doing the bridging manually. Since Idea does not seem to offer the option of having two overlapping VCS systems for the same project, I use Idea git support and do svn from the command line. This is far from ideal. I didn't start off with git-svn, but certainly if Idea made it a useful option, it would become a very compelling choice.



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