Reference Java elements in my custom language

I am working on a plugin for a JVM language and I would need to use Java elements in this language. In particular I would start with auto-completion.

Should I call:
ReferenceProvidersRegistry#getReferencesFromProviders(PsiElement) from my CompletionContributor?

Which Java elements should I target to get the list of Java types (enum, classes and interfaces), for examples?

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You certainly can call getReferencesFromProviders from completion contributor if you feel you need to. But most contributors don't do this directly, they call file.findReferenceAt(offset) (which ends up in getReferencesFromProviders, too).

I don't understand the second part of the question, what do you mean by "targeting"? To get the list of all classes (including interfaces and enums), you can invoke AllClassesGetter.processJavaClasses. JavaLookupElementBuilder#forClass might be useful to you.

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Thank you Peter! I am using:

AllClassesGetter.processJavaClasses(parameters, result.getPrefixMatcher(), parameters.getInvocationCount() <= 1, new Consumer<PsiClass>() {
    public void consume
(PsiClass psiClass) {

in my CompletionContributor and this works. However it inserts the fully qualified name. Now, I am think that in Java it uses AllClassesGetter.TRY_SHORTENING to insert the import at the top of the file and then using the short name. However I do not understand how it does that. I would like to do something similar in my language, by creating the appropriate import. I was thinking to manipulate directly the text but it would help me any advice on that.

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Normally one doesn't change the text directly, but changes imports via PSI. Java does it that way. The logic is quite complicated there, but eventually it results in PsiElementFactory#createImportStatement call and then PsiImportList#add(importStatement). In Groovy it's GroovyFileBase#addImport. So you probably need to have something similar in your language.


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