Interacting with other plugins

When developing a plugin I know its possible to define other plugins which my plugin depends on. How ever its there a way to trigger those plugin actions from my plugin code.

For examples

I want to call maven effective pom action and then analyze all submodules for multiple dependency delaration in submodules with different version.

How this can be acheived.

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assuming that this other plugin's action is triggered by YourActionImpl registered in your plugin,

why not try this:

YourActionImpl extends AnAction{

public abstract void actionPerformed(AnActionEvent e){

ActionManager inst = ActionManager.getInstance();
AnAction other = inst.getAction(String actionId);  // another plugin's action

InputEvent ie = e.getInputEvent

inst.tryToExecute(other, ie, ie.getComponent(), null, true);



I did not try this but it may work.


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