Where can I get source to IDEA 15 CE EAP? Refactoring changed from IDEA 14 CE.

The celebration of refactoring working in MultiMarkdown plugin is almost complete. I have the plugin rename refactoring of links/files working from version IDEA CE 13.0 to IDEA CE 14.1. I have quick fixes, line markers, completions and usages all working.

Everyting works on IDEA 15 EAP, latest build 142-4859, except rename refactoring fails to rename the links.

It is not the same issue as before. All the links highlight when caret is on one of them so the references are correct. It is only the rename refactoring that fails to make the same calls as in previous versions. Something changed in the protocol.

Unfortunately, I don't know which tag/branch to take from intellij-community so get the source so I can build and trace the problem.

Previous attempts to build anything more recent than branch 141 did not work.

I just need the source and if possible someone in the know to point me in the direction of what has changed in 15 EAP that affects rename refactoring of references.

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The issue had nothing to do with changes in the new version of code. The 'Search Refernces' was disabled in file move. :8}

Everything works like a charm.

I need to get some sleep or I will start imagining more non-existent problems.


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