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I'm trying to debug an inspection using the IntelliJ debugger. I can roughly figure out where thing are going, but it seems when I hit a breakpoint or step through I'm often several hundred lines away fromn where I expect to be (e.g. in a completely different method). Note that the debugger window shows the variables form the correct method. It's just that the display has moved to an incorrect line number.  This happens in IntelliJ classes such as CodeInsightTestFixtureImpl, not in my own code.

Furthermore, the stack trace shown when exceptions are thrown does not always seem possible based on the source I'm looking at. (e.g. my stack trace shows A called by C but the code seems to indicate A called by B called by C).

Is it simply that I have the wrong sources attached, or is this more or less expected behavior?

I'm building against the community edition from  and the source from
Is there a better place to get the actual source for the version of IntelliJ I'm using?

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Hello Elliotte,

it is possible to debug without Intellij sources attached: you can still step in to actual (decompiled) Intellij code. You can set breakpoints, catch exceptions in decompiled code, too.

some method names are minimized but you can usually find full sig / body for those methods when you open community source in a separate Idea project window.

It takes a bit longer but then you are stepping through actual code.


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