Classpath for custom data type renderer

I am trying to develop a custom data type renderer as a seperate jar file independent of any project. The renderer class has some static method that can be invoked as an expression in the Debug/Watches window. However, I didn't figure out the location to place the jar file on the Idea's classpath. Where is the correct location to deploy such a renderer in the classpath so that it can  be used in any development project? Do I need to deploy is in JRE/ext folder?

I have put my jar into JRE\ext folder. Now, If I call my method with an instance using the expression "com.test.DebugView.class.newInstance().renderType(data)" it works correctly.
But static call expression "com.test.DebugView.renderType(data)" returns "Type is unknown for 'com.test.DebugView' "  error.

Is this a bug or expected behaviour?

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please add your jar to the jdk classpath in platform sdk settings.
Using this there's no need to put it into jre/ext.
Also doing like this I was able to run static and instance methods.


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