Mylyn plugin

I am contemplating taking the Mylyn code base and use it to create a IDEA plugin of Mylyn specifically for the Jira connector.

I don't know how easy or tough this is or even if it is doable, but I wanted to solicit any feedback in this context.

- has anyone done a port of any eclipse plugin to IDEA ? can you share the experience.
- anyone knows of any licensing issues with a eclipse plugin ?

any other ideas to share?


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Why hasn't anyone replied to this?  Why haven't Jetbrains offered to help?  I hope it is because jetbrains are already working on the functionality.  Because Mylyn functionality is a big deal, the biggest game-changer since refactoring.

We want Mylyn like functionality in our favourite IDE (Idea) ASAP, please.  Thankyou very much.

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i think it will be in your hand in the future.....may be next version...i hope so...


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