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Okay; it's late and I must be tired because I can't figure out how to use the Git4Idea plugin with IDEA 8.1.

I've configured IDEA's VCS for Git by pointing to the Git.exe (Google's Git- and it tested fine. Then I did a Git init to initialize Git in a directory separate from my project directory.

At this point, I opened the Changes window to add all unversioned files (my whole project since I just added VCS). The changes window shows a title of "Changes Local" and the change set is Default.

The problem is, there is no "Unversioned Files" node as described in the online help about "Adding Files to A Local Git Repository". Clicking refresh had no effect. What do I need to do to get the unversioned files to show up?

I'm thinking Git integration must be set up as I see the Git menus under Tools and in context menus.

Admittedly, I work with Eclipse all day at my "day job" and am just now getting back to using IDEA after almost a year's absence. I'm also new to Git. So there's a lot I could be doing wrong here.

I'd welcome any suggestions on where I'm going wrong.

Thanks in advance.


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I looked at this over lunch.

The issue apparently is that it's assumed the repository that's init'ed is the same as the project directory. In other words, if you do a Git init in the project directory, then the Unversioned Files node shows up. If you try to create a repository "over there" then the Unversioned Files node doesn't show up even though all the VCS configuration seems to be in place. Coming from the world of centralized repositories (CVS, SVN), it would seem odd to create a repository in amongst the artifacts of my project, but that's what seems to be needed.


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