Adding Make task before running application

I'm trying to figure out how to add a "make before launch" task to my run configuration. So far I created a BeforeRunTaskProvider implementation and I run my compiler in the executeTask method in that implementation.
However the method doesn't wait for the compiler to finish. So instead of running the fresh version of the code it runs the previous one; running several times without changes finally runs the recompiled application.

I was browsing code for the community and found MakeProjectStepBeforeRun on which I based my task. However there's some magic in there I don't really understand and I cannot find any information about this particular problem anywhere.

So I'm looking for help here :) The outcome I'd like to get is the notification in the bottom bar that make is running and run the application only after the code is recompiled. I know that there may be some other issues there too that I don't share here, so ask questions if need be.

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Got it myself. Apparently it was so easy that I missed it somehow.
Instead of using the BeforeRunTaskProvider, adding Make task is possible out of the box by simply implementing the RunProfileWithCompileBeforeLaunchOption interface, even with the default implementation of the getModules() method (returing empty array)


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