Any extension points to modify other plugin's behaviors

We are writing a plugin to enhance the Android designer editor (e.g. add more ui widgets to the palette panle, see picture below), but we cannot find any extension points to do this.
As we know, the Android designer editor is done by Android plugin, suppose the palette loads ui widgets in function loadWidgets:
///load a list of widgets
My question is, do we have any extension points provided by intellij that can be used to modify the above function to load my own list of widget?
Thanks a lot.

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Some plugins do provide some extension points to allow modifying their behaviors. The Android designer plugin does not.

Note that the plugin is open-source, so you can check in detail how the palette loading works.

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Hi Dmitry,
   Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, Android Designer Editor (Android plugin) is open source, and we can modify the android plugin whatever we want. The question is if we release our plugin to other people, then this plugin will not take any effect unless they also modify their android plugin.


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Yes, exactly. I'm not suggesting that you modify the plugin; I'm just saying that you can study the code and see how exactly it works and whether it can be extended in the way you need. You can also submit pull requests for adding extension points to the plugin code.

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"You can also submit pull requests for adding extension points to the plugin code."

How to do this? And also, are the extension points for android plugin decided by IntelliJ or Google Tool Team?


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