[ANN] Osmorc 0.12.0

This release fixes some bugs (see this version in Jira) and brings the following notable changes and features:

  • Added autocompletion for known manifest header names.
  • Equinox 3.4 source bundles are now used correctly.
  • Reworked additional JAR contents section in facet configuration. Source files and directories are now selected via a file chooser and a destination name that will most times be correct is inferred.
  • Splitted the facet editor into smaller parts.
  • Changes to files belonging to the additional JAR contents of a bundle now trigger a rebuild of the JAR.
  • Added specific Equinox, Bnd and Spring DM headers to the headers known by Osmorc.

Note that you’ll have to edit each entry in the additional JAR contents since the paths are now stored differently. In most cases selecting an entry, clicking “Edit” and confirming the default choices will suffice.


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