Compilation of intellij-community fails

Hi guys,

this may be some misconfiguration on my side, but after pulling the sources of intellij-community from origin/master, compilation of IDEA failed with:
cannot find symbol import com.intellij.openapi.components.ComponentsPackage;

I actually can not find it in the sources. Even the online sources tool highlight the import as problematic:

Somebody hit this error?

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Looks like you don't have the Kotlin plugin installed. IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition now contains code written in Kotlin, so you need to install the plugin.

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Thanks Dmitry.

Actually the problem was that I was trying to build the main branch sources with IDEA 14, which doesn't have Kotlin plugin.
I'm now checking out the branch 141 (hope that this is the IDEA 14.1 branch)


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Yes, 141 is the 14.1 branch. It has no production code written in Kotlin.


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