IntelliJ8 Maven integration issues (overwrites 'make' jars)

I've been using maven and IntelliJ for years now.

I have a web app with many modules all loaded into IntelliJ.

I had war:exploded run before IntelliJ make which would put all of the dependencies into target\app\WEB-INF\lib including the versions of my project's modules that were in my maven repo. Then IntelliJ's web app aspect would jar up the modules and put them into target\app\WEB-INF\lib. So the new jars
packaged by IntelliJ were copied over the older jars from my repo.

With IntelliJ 8, the project is detected as a maven project and the compile and war:exploded goals are automatically being called by IntelliJ AFTER IntelliJ's make. This results in IntelliJ packaging up the jars with the latest changes from the IDE and putting them in target\app\WEB-INF\lib, then th
e maven war:exploded goal puts the older repo versions over the newer IntelliJ make versions. The only way to build the app with the latest changes is to mvn install every module before making, which takes a long with with my 20 some odd modules.

Anyone else have this problem? Is there a work around? Can I instruct IntelliJ 8 to not run the maven goals, or can I instruct IntelliJ to run the maven goals before make?

Also, if you set the goals in the maven tab to run before or after make, they are actually executed twice, because IntelliJ is going to automatically run mvn compile war:exploded no matter if they are set before or after or not.


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