Hook into VcsHistoryProvider of existing VCS plugins

So I use GitHub VCS plugin. When I right click on any file and click 'show history', it opens up the 'History' panel in the 'Version Control' toolwindow. Here there are multiple rows, each of which shows the changes made to that particular file. When I right click on any row, I get options like 'Jump to source', 'Compare', 'Annotate', 'Select in Git Log', etc... I want to create a plugin that adds an action to this list, and want to fetch the information in that row when the action is invoked.

  1. Is this possible?
  2. I saw that 'actions' to this list can be contributed by VcsHistoryProvider.getAdditionalActions() method. But I do not have control over this, as it's not my plugin. If I can't access this, what is the work around?

Kindly help.
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You should be able to add the action into the VcsHistoryActionsGroup like that:

<action id="Your.Action"  text="..." icon="...">
  <add-to-group group-id="VcsHistoryActionsGroup" anchor="last"/>

Please check if that works.


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