How to work with the flex debugger?

I have continously through the Diana EAP programme tried to make the flex debugger work for me.
Now, with 8.0.1, I am still unable to make it work properly. I am thinking I am maybe doing something wrong myself, and the documentation in IDEA does not provide me much help.

I made one thing work. I started a flex project from scratch, used the IDE internal compiler and in the run-dialog pointed at the HelloWorld.swf file directly. When I then ran debug, it opened the standalone flashplayer and debugging worked. Nice.

But I am unable to make it work in a browser. If I change the run configuration to point at the wrapper.html instead, nothing really seems to happen when I click debug. The debugger opens and seems to be running, but the browser isn't opened on the wrapper file. If I open the wrapper.html myself in the browser, nothing happens (breakpoints are not stoppen upon). If I right-click the flash and choose "debugger", it is unable to find a running debugger instance.

What am I doing wrong?

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