Really dumb problem, or perhaps bug

Hello, I have just started developing a Clojure custom language plugin (see other thread).

I wanted to test out my code, and ran into a really dumb problem.

I made Plugin Configuration.  It starts a second IntelliiJ, it hangs while creating a test project.  It asks for the path to the JDK, and then hangs while scanning the files.

It happens when I give it an empy classpath for the plugin, so don't think this has anything to do with my code.

I got some messages that it ran out of Memory (PermGen) during dispatch.  So I went into idea.vmoption and increased everything.  The messages went away, but it still hangs.

Does the plugin toolkit work on Linux?  I am using Ubuntu 8.10.

Did I perhaps miss something important in the documentation?

Peter Wolf

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