[ANN] IvyIDEA 0.7-alpha

Version 0.7-alpha of the IvyIDEA plugin was released.

This plugin resolves module dependencies through Ivy without the need for
a lot of configuration or special ant build files. Modules containing ivy.xml
files will be automatically configured.


  • Ivy integration (up to v2.0.0rc1); no need for external ant build scripts

to be called

  • Automatic ivy configuration of modules using facets (for modules containing

an ivy.xml file)

  • Detection of dependencies that are really other intellij modules in

the same project; these are added as module references

  • Detect source/document/jar type ivy artifacts in dependencies and add

them as such to the module

  • Creation of a module library with all resolved ivy dependencies

  • Ivy configurations that need to be resolved can be chosen for each


  • Compatible with both IntelliJ 7 and 8

More info:

Note that this is an alpha version: user friendly error reporting is still
being worked at, but that doesn't really get in the way of the functunality
and usability of the plugin.

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