How do I mark my IntelliJ Plugin as requiring JRE 8?


I wrote a file search plugin, but I wrote it in Java 8 which is fine for anyone running IntelliJ IDEA with Java 8 or with the bundled JDK but for anyone else it blows up and shows them an ugly error. Is there some way to mark the JRE version in the same way you can supply an IntelliJ build number in plugin.xml? I don't want to write Java 6, I want to use lambdas and new things, but it's unfortunate that people install this plugin and it just blows up for them. I explained the JRE 8 requirement in the installation instructions but that doesn't even show up in the plugin browser.

I looked here:

and here:

and elsewhere but found nothing helpful.

Thank you.

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There is no possibility to mark a plugin in this way (and we don't plan to provide one). If you want to use lambdas and new things, please consider writing your plugin in Kotlin, which does have lambdas and new things, but compiles to regular Java 6 bytecode.

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Ok I will check out Kotlin, thank you. Looks interesting.


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