SVN won't switch branch for all files


I've been using IntelliJ with SVN for some time now, and I did an Integrate-operation between two branches. After that, I cannot change branch again. If I do an update/switch on my files, and try to commit some changes, it says |switched to trunk| behind the files in the commit window - even though I switched to a different branch. I've tried all sorts of stuff, short of deleting my files

I don't know what to do any more, there is obviously something not right here, but I can't really figure out what it could be. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Best regards,
H. Nilsen

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Try smartSVN.

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Thanks, but this doesn't implement in IntelliJ IDEA, right?

I fixed the error, nothing seems to work, so I moved the repository to a different location on my disk (to keep the changes I've made that's not in any branch and stuff - just to be sure it's not lost forever), and checked out trunk once more... Not exactly what I was hoping to do, but now I'm able to switch branches as much as I want without any problems at all.

Still think this is a terrible bug, you shouldn't get stuck in a branch like that...

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Ok, so that didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I checked out the rep again, and everything seems to go well. But when I'm switching to a different branch, almost 90% of my files are highlighted with green.

I've attached some screens to show you how it looks;

This is how I've updated the repository.

Just a snapshot of the file tree. Most are green. (In the documentation this is supposedly: "File is scheduled for addition to the repository."...)

The file I've altered is still in the old branch, even though I just updated.

Can someone please help me here? I'm getting really desperate. Thanks.

IntelliJ commit dialog.PNG
IntelliJ update dialog.PNG
IntelliJ green tree highlight.PNG

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