JDI and XDebugger Interface

Is there a simple way integrate JDI with the XDebugger interface? i.e. implement a debug process (configuration, starter and all...) that accepts and performs on a jdi VirtualMachine that I initialize myself?
I see there are some JDI adapters in the com.intellij.debugger.jdi package, but they seem to be from the old debugger interface.

(i am looking for a way to implement Oracle DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP debugging)


Hi, have a look at debugger-openapi, groovy, scala and other debuggers works on top of java debugger using that way.


Thanks Egor! Just found that i can extend the Remote-App run configuration to initialize my virtual machine (i.e. listen to a jdi socket). Don't need to initialize the jdi-vm myself.


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