Create a plugin which supports custom attributes in HTML

I'm just a newbie with intellij and plugin development.  I started creating a plugin which has features:

- recognizing my namespace in html so that xmlns won't show up as URI not registered
- support for my custom attributes so that it won't show up as "Attribute myalias:myAttribute is not allowed here"
- showing all attributes for my namespace when you do Ctrl+space inside selected tags (for example, you can only insert attribute named "myAttribute" inside <p> like <p myalias:myAttribute="">
- having some inspections to say that grammar inside a "myAttribute" attribute is wrong
- connecting some tokens in the value of myAttribute to java sources

I've read some stuff already but can't get my mind to understand how plugins work and where to start.

Thanks for the quick pointers on which documentation can be of help.

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