priority of compiler servers

I have implemented a ModuleLevelBuilder, that generates java sources but

I need to start my compiler before than the Jave one, because if the java compile find a class in the module to compile and doesnt end well because it need some class that is generated by my compiler, the process is stopped and my compiler doesnt generates anything.

Is there any way to priorize my compiler to start before java one??


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Hi Octavio,

The ordering is defined in the org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.BuilderCategory class.
Every ModuleLevelBuilder must have a category assigned. All module-level builders are called in the sequence defined by this enum. JavaBuilder has category TRANSLATOR, so if your builder has any category defined before this one, it is guaranteed to be called before the java compiler. The ordering within the same category is not defined.

Hope this helps,


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