JetGroovy and Grails Plugins

I've been trying to climb the Grails learning curve lately with command shells and a text editor. I was mourning my expulsion from IJ, until I found the JetGroovy and InspectorGroovy plugins. Now I can set up new projects as Grails from the start. I can set breakpoints in Groovy. I get all the good things that I'm used to from IntelliJ, so I'm very happy.

Grails has Jetty built in, so running an app means issuing the "grails prod run-app" command to start the server. I'm creating a WAR file and deploying locally on Tomcat, which is close enough for me.

My only problem is that I don't see anything equivalent to the command shell when I can issue Grails commands. All I'm doing is running the Ant build commands for clean and war. Am I missing something? Or has all the mess and detail been hidden away and taken care of by IntelliJ?

Thanks to the IDE and plugin developers. This is, by far, the best product on the market. It only gets better. - %

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Yes, JetGroovy and IDEA are outstanding software.

JetGroovy has its own forum, which is the best place to ask these questions:

Randall Schulz

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Randall, thanks for the direction. I'll check there.



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