Problems with plugin manager


I've recently migrated to IDEA from Netbeans and I like IDEA a lot, but I can't get used to IDEA's plugin manager.

I have some questions about it:
Why installed plugins appear also in the available category and not only in the installed category?

Why isn't there a checkbox system in the available plugin category?
In addition blue color used for installed plugin is barely visible.

When I install some plugins and click apply or OK and then agree to shutdown in the dialog box IDEA looks like it's shutdown, but it runs on the background. If I don't select shutdown in the manager's dialog box and shut it the regular way, everythink is OK. Why isn't there a restart IDE option instead of shutting down?

When there is some problem with plugin when IDEA starts, it just names the exception and says "please remove the plugin XY in plugin manager". How can I remove the plugin in plugin manager if IDEA constantly fails to start with this plugin exception?

When I want to know which plugin makes trouble and disable for example all "My plugins" and then restart the IDE, only one plugin is disabled and others are still enabled... How can I disable all of the custom plugins?

When I installed multiple plugins at once I had to run the IDE multiple times, because it sometimes produced startup exceptions and failed to start. What is the recomended mechanism to install multiple plugins? Because I think it has problems with it.

To sum up: I've never encountered such problems in netbeans, everything went smoothly and without problems. I think that such a great IDE as IntelliJ IDEA deserves better and less buggy plugin manager.

Thanks for Your answers

Best regards,

Václav Tunka

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