Single project that creates multiple plugins


Is there a good way to create a single project with multiple plugin modules? Is there an example of someone doing this in the wild that I can model off of?

Right now :

I have two plugin projects A and B.
A depends on B
So I build B, and take that archive and add it as a dependency for A.
Plugin A
  \-- some build of Plugin B
Plugin B

What I want:

What I really would like to do is have a project above both A and B.
This creates two deployable plugins, but more importantly, Plugin A can depend on Plugin B directly.
Project C
  |---- Plugin A
  \---- Plugin B

I can't figure out what type of Project C should be though. Just some standard java project?

What I've tried:

I've had some success doing (but it's not what I want):
Plugin A
   \---- Plugin B
Where Plugin A is a plugin project and Plugin B is a module within that project. I don't want Plugin A to manage the project though.

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There is no such concept as a "project type" in IntelliJ IDEA. A project is just a project. You can have multiple plugin modules in a single project, and you can set up any kind of dependencies between
them or use any directory structure that you like.


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