Plugin Issues with Intellij Ubuntu

I'm working on a language plugin for perl and it's going really well.
When I develop it on windows - all the features works fine.
When I Install and use it on windows - all the features works fine.
When I develop it on ubuntu - all the features works fine.
When I Install and use it on ubuntu - only a minimal set of features works.

I'm running intellij 14.1.3

Even the fileTypeFactory doesn't work, any help would be appreciated.




Thanks in advance

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Please make sure that you don't have an old version of your plugin with the same ID in a different directory in your Ubuntu installation.

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Thanks for the quick reply Dmitry Jemerov,

Unfourtunatly your suggestion didn't work.

Steps i took:
1.I've removed all the jars from my system and uninstalled the plugin through intellij.
2.changed the id in the META-INF to com.intellij.perlplugin and "prepared the plugin".
3.installed the plugin and restarted Intellij

- File icons still doesn't show as well as syntax highlighting and autocompletion.
- Create new Perl Project/Module, Create New Perl File and Add new Perl SDK works.
- The Icon is working for the Create New Perl action so I'm confident the icon file isn't currpoted

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Please check Settings | File Types and make sure that the .pl extension is mapped to your file type and not to Text File.

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That worked! Thanks Dmitry Jemerov.
Is there a way to make this configuration automatic upon installing the plugin?

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This will be configured automatically if the user has no pre-existing mapping for the .pl extension. If the mapping exists, recent versions of IntelliJ IDEA will show a notification offering the user to change it.


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