Perforce Plugin is unable to remember checked out files in the Local tab

I'm using IDEA 7.0.3 #7757 and the 2007.3 151541 Perforce client.

I am able to check out files from within IDEA, and edit them. The file names show up in the correct blue text, and the file is added to the appropriate ChangeList (Default). The highlighting in the left column also indicates the changes I made to the file.

However, when I close down IDEA and restart it, the file name initially starts out in blue text, but once Perforce is done updating, the file name reverts to a pale yellow text, and it then shows up in the "Modified without Checkout" group.

BTW - the Local tab has additional "groupings" called Unversioned Files and Locally Deleted Files. These are files that are under my dev folder, but should not be in the Perforce clientspec.


Some additional details:

Version Control dialog: Directory: ]]>, VCS: Perforce

Configure VCS dialog: Perforce: "Perforce is online" checked. "Port", "Client", "User": specified as required. "Dump Perforce commands...", "Use login auth", "Use native Perforce API" are all unchecked.
Test Connection works fine.
Show branching history is checked.

Perforce Clientspec:
Root: D:\

My project Root: D:\release\dev.

When I log my output to p4.output, the communication looks as I'd expect:
IDEA sends out the following commands:
resolve -n
client -o clientspecname
changes -i -t -l -s pending -u username -c clientspecname
<-- returns 2 changelists, with ids 111111 and 222222
describe -s 111111
<-- correctly lists the open files in this changelist
describe -s 222222
<-- correctly lists the open files in this changelist
change -o

My system\log\idea.log file shows no exceptions, except for an INFO level entry thrown by JabberFacadeImpl complaining that SASL authentication Failed.

My issue looks identical to, but the same project file works for others on the team, so I'm hoping for a less destructive fix.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Interestingly, if I right click the file in the Project tab, and choose "Synchronize ]]>", IDEA and Perforce seem to get the file updated correctly. it shows up in the right changelist, and returns to blue text from the pale yellow. It even brings back all the margin highlights to indicate changes made since the file was retrieved from the depot.

But ... all is lost when IDEA is restarted.

Help, anyone?


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