WATIN Test Recorder, Test Multiple User Web login?

WATIN Automated Testing

I wonder if anybody can help me, where I am working requires testing of Credit Card online Applications. They have a number of requirements of which the following is to be completed.

Multiple Users logging into the Website and performing different tasks……

I would have thought this was not possible using WATIN, this would surely mean opening multiple(Not sure how many, to stress a system it should be in the thousands I guess) Web Browsers and logging in as different users performing different tasks all at the same time.........

Can this type of Test be carried out using WATIN, and if so how can it be done?

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I plan to do something similar. I may not understand your exact question, but here is what we will be doing:

Creating tables full of input data for test cases (usernames, passwords, emails, etc). Then we will write data driven tests that use WatiN to execute tasks like logging into the website. The WatiN test recorder can help us in this case, where we just perform the task once int the recorder, and replace the inputs typed in to the fields by variables we pull from a database?

Did I miss the point of your question?

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It somewhat sounds like you are trying to do two things at once: regression test and performance/load test. I would think that the performance testing is only needed sporadically, whereas the regression tests would be something you would want TeamCity to kickoff for each checkin for each checkin/build label.

As to automating the regression testing, I have that working currently with TeamCity and VS 2005 tests. This post shows more detail >> http://www.intellij.net/forums/message.jspa?messageID=5212802#5212802

As to the performance testing you were speaking of, have you looked at WAS?



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