[ANN] IdeaVIM 0.11.6-7x

I have posted an update to the IdeaVIM plugin for IDEA 7.0.x. This is a bug fix release. The following issues have been resolved:

- Support for Idea 7.0.x
- Fix cursor position of newly opened file using gd and gD commands.
- Fix internal error calculating line length in editor.
- Improve performance of non-trivial debug statements.
- Fixed iB to be linewise as an operator yet characterwise when in visual mode.
- Allow count to be entered in the middle of cc, dd, and yy commands.
- Count for cc, S, and C no longer results in multiple insert of changed text.
- Fix internal errors about resetting cursor in non-text editors.
- Fixed jumps (Ctrl-I and Ctrl-O) between files.



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