[ANN] Database Navigator 1.0.283 released

A new version of the tool has been released. The plugin is available for download at:

This release encloses several improvements on the SQL coding support.
Code completion now supports along with the configurable filtering, also sorting of the completion variants.
Code formatting has been significantly improved. Some basic code style options are now available in the standard IDE configuration environment.
Deliberate code formatting operation (triggered by CtrlAltL) also changes the case of keywords, functions and database object identifiers according to the user settings in the SQL "Code style" area.

Give it a try!

Due to the major changes of the code completion and formatting engine, all the user preferences concerning these will be lost. System will default on the standard configuration.

P.S. Latest sources of the tool have also been uploaded on the plugin site.

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Have uploaded version 1.0.286 containing fixes for critical issues introduced with 1.0.283.
Version 1.0.283 no longer avaiable.

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yet another minor release (1.0.289) due to compatibility issues with older oracle versions.


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