Modal task dialog does not show up in Intellij community edition

While building a new Module in the Gauge Intellij plugin, I need to execute an external process which can take some time to execute.

To do this I use the ProgressManager and run a new Modal task that executes the external process.

getInstance().run(new Task.Modal(project, "title", false) {
    public void run(@NotNull ProgressIndicator progressIndicator) {
    // Code that runs an external process

A progress window appears on the Intellij idea Ultimate 14 but when I use the same plugin in Intellij idea Community edition 14 the progress window does not appear. The external process is executed in both cases.

Is there something I am missing in the usage or is there any other API that would work more consistently with both intellij idea versions ?

The specific usage in the module builder can be found here.

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There is no difference between IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and Community Edition in terms of how progress dialogs work. In any version of IntelliJ IDEA, the progress window will not appear if the process you run under the progress takes less than 300 milliseconds.


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