GutterBar Area Hilighting

How can I do highlighting in the gutter bar area if I have line numbers in a file that I want marked special?

A link to a code pointer would be great as I'm not real familiar with the plugin classes. ;)


What kind of highlighting do you have in mind? Like the VCS modified/added lines (colored blocks)?


Yes that would be fine.

Basically I'm running tests much like JUnit tests.  I get a report back that tells me what lines in what files the tests covered and not covered by the tests.  I would like to then hilight in the file the lines in the gutter bar with different colors or blocks or icons to indicate which lines are not covered by the tests.

Much like how the emma code coverage plugin works.

Maybe I could even highlight the lines in the file itself.

I would also like to have a button on my toolwindow that I can toggle on/off the hilighting.

Sample code if anyone has it would be greatly appreciated?


Anyone have any example code or pointer to articles?


I'm looking for the same. Can't figure out how it is done in the svn4idea plugin...

Did you solve it?


See LineStatusTracker.createHighlighter() for the code that draws the VCS line status markers.


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