Deployment problem in JBOSS-IntelliJ IDEa plugin ... (how to avoid tmp dire

Hi all ,

I am deploying j2EE archives into the JBOSS server using IntelliJ IDEA 7.0.2 , where it has inbuilt support for JBOSS integration.. when i deploy the archives , those are not goes to the "default/deploy" directory , instead it goes to the "default/tmp/deploy" directory ...

I want to deploy those into the "default/deploy" directly.. I can do it manually , by just copying the files to the server directly.But i think there should be a way to do it directly from the IDE ..

I tried those deployments using NetBeans 6.0 , there i didnt have to face any problems , then relevant archives deployed into the "default/deploy" directory ....

so what is the reason behind this could be ?? is that a bug with IntelliJ IDEA or do i have to configure the JBOSS server ???

plese help me .. im so desperate ... :(

Thanks n Regds

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The JBoss plugin doesn't copy any files anywhere, neither into deploy nor into tmp/deploy. If it would copy your archives into the deploy directory, then those archives would be deployed some time later by the autodeployer, and you wouldn't get any feedback if the deployment had been successful or not.

Instead the JBoss plugin talks directly with the JBoss deployer bean and does an immediate deploy, giving you an immediate feedback if the archive has been successfully deployed or not. (It is an implementation detail of the JBoss deployer bean if it stores some files in tmp/deploy - in older versions it didn't.)

So what you see is neither a bug of IntelliJ IDEA nor a misconfiguration of your JBoss server. It's simply intended behavior. Please be aware that the JBoss plugin is a development tool, not a deployment tool. (And as deploying is as easy as copying a file into a well-known directory, there isn't any need for a dedicated deployment tool IMHO.)

Just out of curiosity: Why does this behavior cause you that much harm that you are desperate about it? Is there any special use case which you can't solve with the current solution?


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