How can I include all files and directories in Project and Changes windows?

My IntelliJ Project and Changes windows exclude a number of files and directories that are on the filesystem in my project directory. Files and directories outside my module directories are hidden. How can I make IntelliJ show all files and directories in my project directory?

The current behavior is problematic, for example, when I submit a change to Perforce and some of the changed files are excluded.

My Version Control settings have a single Perforce directory entry for "". My IPR file's representation of the directory path is "". I've tried changing this entry and alternatively adding new entries. IntelliJ's Changes window appears to do what I want if I browse to the parent of my project directory explicitly, and it even uses a relative path "..\..\]]>" in the UI dialog. However, the IPR file contains my absolute path which won't work for my team members.

Thanks for your time!

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