Identifier Highlighter not working

The "Identifier Highlighter" plugin stopped to work after two restarts of IDEA.

1. I installed the Identifier Highlighter plugin version 3.40 into* IDEA 7.0.1* via plugin manager. I'm using Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy and Sun JDK 6. It worked fine.

2. I restarted the system and IDEA and the plugin still worked.

3. After a second restart of the system and IDEA the plugin did not work. Only the Highlight Usages in File etc. features (which are part of IDEA) worked.

4. I tried to disable/enable the plugin and uninstall/install it, but it did not help.

All the time, there is no message in IDEA's standard output.

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Unchecking and re-checking of the checkox located at the top of the plugin setting dialog caused the plugin to work again.


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